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Thursday, June 14, 2012

1969: The Aliens Among Us (White, James)

Telepathic alien galore, somewhat of a bore (3/5)
From March 3, 2010

Of the seven stories, only three stories is occur in the General Sector universe and only one of those stories revolves around the typical Sector General medical mystery plot... so the Sector General illustration on my edition is a tad misleading. This is my sixth White book and each of the Sector General books in the series have been fun, including the four-story collection in Sector General. Besides this series his other books like Lifeboat and The Watch Below are interesting read, too.

The author takes a liking in using telepathy in all but the last of these short stories, something which I don't like to read about in science fiction as it provides an easy, almost cop-out way to communicate. With the exception of "The Conspirators", the stories in this collection aren't as good as I expected them to be. All in all, the collection is fairly dull with no aim other than publishing this mix of stories.

Countercharm (1960, novelette) - 3/5 - SECTOR GENERAL: A diabetic alien crustacean is submitted to an experimental surgery by none other than the famous Educator-taped Conway. 21 pages

To Kill or Cure (1957, novelette) - 4/5 - Black ooze ingesting snails are discovered in an UFO wreck and the discoverers struggle to cope with the medical situation on board. 29 pages

Red Alert (1956, novelette) - 3/5 - Artic blooded telepathic being is in charge of a mission to Earth which challenges its' species righteous morals. 29 pages

Tableau (1958, novelette) - 4/5 - SECTOR GENERAL: Teddy bear-like aliens are at war with humans but the initial misunderstanding is due to mutual misconceptions. 26 pages

The Conspirators (1954, novelette) - 5/5 - Mice and other small mammals alike aboard a research ship gain intelligence and conspire to escape the ship at the next planet fall. 26 pages

The Scavengers (1953, novelette) - 3/5 - Technologically impaired fur-lined centipede-like aliens are being scooped up by humans and the stragglers must be saved. 23 pages

Occupation: Warrior (1959, novella)- 2/5 - SECTOR GENERAL: The Galactics allow a fair war on a distant planet between humans and an octopod race though no one really knows the rules of war. 57 pages

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